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Thermoelectric Generator Experimental Setup

To study the Conversion of thermal energy into voltage using thermoelectric modules.

Solid-state thermoelectric devices are at present used in verity of applications ranging from thermocouple sensors to power generators in satellites, to handy air-conditioners and refrigerators. Thermoelectric energy transformation has been getting increased attention as a prospective candidate for waste-heat harvesting as well as for power generation from renewable sources. Efficient thermoelectric energy conversion critically depends on the performance of thermoelectric materials and devices.

The experimental setup helps to study : Generation of electricity by Thermoelctric module and its application.

The setup consists of :

  1. Thermoelectric module with mechanical arrangement.
  2. Two Beakers of 500 ml.
  3. Two Thermometers.
  4. Immersion heater.
  5. Retort stand.
  6. Analog Voltmeter.
  7. A small fan (for application).