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Solar Simulator

SOLAR  SIMULATOR – Make:  Microtech Industries

The main objective of solar simulation technology is to produce illumination approximating natural Sun light in order to provide a controllable indoor test facility under laboratory conditions.

The instrument used to simulate sunlight in a laboratory setting is called a solar Simulator[ some times called a Sun Simulator] . A Solar Simulator has a light source that is designed to offer similar intensity and spectral composition to that of natural sunlight .

The setup consists of three parts –

  1. Illumination chamber : LED Panel of 200 W
    • Facility  for illumination control.
    • Facility for fan speed control.
  2. Solar panel : 3 W
  3. Solar simulator

It measures performance of Soar panel characteristic under artificial illumination, it consists of :

  1. Microcontroller based Multifunction Meter, which measures :
    • Solar Voltage
    • Solar Current
    • Solar Power
    • Temperature
  2. Temperature probe.
  3. Variable Load.

The following experiments to be done :

  1. Solar panel characteristics
    • Measurement of
      1. open circuit voltage Voc
      2. Short circuit current Isc
      3. Maximum Power Pmax
      4. Voltage at Maximum Power Vmp
      5. Current at Maximum Power Imp
  2. Calculation of Solar panel Efficiency  &  Fill Factor (FF)
  3. Effect of Temperature on Solar panel