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Precision Rectifier Trainer

Rectifier circuits are used in the design of power supply circuits. In such applications, the voltage being rectified is usually much greater than the diode voltage drop, rendering the exact value of the diode drop unimportant to the proper operation of the rectifier.

Other applications exist, however, where this is not the case. For example, in instrumentation applications, the signal to be rectified can be of very small amplitude, say 0.1 V, making it impossible to employ the conventional rectifier circuits. Also the need a rises for very precise transfer characteristics.

The experimental setup helps to studies Amplitude and Frequency Response of the following circuits

  1. Saturating Half-Wave Precision Rectifier.
  2. Non-Saturating Half-Wave Precision Rectifier.
  3. Full-Wave using Non-Saturating Half-Wave Precision Rectifier and Summing circuit.

The setup consists of

  1. Dual channel I.C. regulated Power supply.
  2. Op. Amp. – 2 nos.
  3. Set of resistances
  4. Variable resistance.

Additional accessories required :

  • Function Generator
  • Dual channel Oscilloscope