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PT100 & Thermistor Trainer

The single board trainer with steel case and integral power supply helps to study the characteristics of the PT100 & Thermistor.

An RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) is a sensor whose resistance changes as its temperature changes. The resistance increases as the temperature of the sensor increases.

A thermistor is a temperature-sensing element composed of sintered semiconductor material which exhibits a large change in resistance proportional to a small change in temperature. Thermistors usually have negative temperature coefficients which means the resistance of the thermistor decreases as the temperature increases.

The setup consists of the following specifications:

    1. Transducer : RTD ( Pt 100 ) & Thermistor ( NTC type ) 100 Ohm.
    2. Oven : Temperature control bath.
    3. Temperature range : Ambient temperature to 110 degree centigrade.
    4. Temperature controller with Digital temperature indicator.
    5. Output : Measured by Digital Voltmeter : 0 – 20 V, 3 ½ digit Digital Display.
    6. Temperature indicator :  3 ½ digit Digital Display.
    7. IC regulated power supply : + 5 V @500 mA.
    8. Bridge Network.
    9. Amplifier circuit with two OP.AMP.