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PID Controller – ” DC Motor Speed Control” (Model-II)

Open & closed loop control of DC servomotor speed  using P, PI and PID controller.

The system consists of a DC servomotor with microcontroller based PID controller and software. The PID controller interface with computer using RS232 communication port. The software based control system controls the speed of a DC servomotor using PID method and also evaluates the values of P, I and D.

An eddy current break applied for creation of disturbance.

The following experiments to be performed :

  1. Open Loop Control system
  2. Close loop control system including P, I and D.
  3. Loading effect on DC servomotor and PID control action.
  4. Evaluation technique of P, I and D using N- Z method.

The system consists of :

  1. DC servomotor with Eddy current break system.
  2. Optocoupler based sensor system for pulse counting.
  3. Microcontroller based PID Controller and data acquisition system.
  4. Ammeter.
  5. 16×2 matrix display shows values of P, I, D and pulse rate.
  6. Software.