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Magnetic Phase Transition Setup Determination of Curie Temperature

To measure the Curie temperature of a body where the body losses its ferromagnetic property and changes to a paramagnetic state if it is further heated.

An inductor with Ferrite core [ sample] connected to an ac source along eith a resistor . The sample keep on the temperature bath . Increase the temperature and measure the potential drop across resistor .

We know that the current across the resistance and the inductance is:

And L = X X constant

This constant depends on several geometrical factors.

X = magnetic susceptibility

When the sample is in Ferro state X is large and hence L is large which implies I is small.

After the transition takes place to the Para state with gradual increase in temperature, magnetic susceptibility decreases thereby decreasing L and I increases.

The setup consists of :

  1. Ferrite core inductor (sample).
  2. Sinewave generator 50 KHz [ Max.].
  3. Digital frequency counter.
  4. AC voltmeter 3 ½ digit.
  5. Heater with sand bath.
  6. Temperature sensor with Microcontroller based Temperature indicator.