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Lattice Vibration Trainer

Lattice dynamics is an essential component of any postgraduate course in Physics, Engineering Physics, Electronic Engineering and Material Science. In particular it is essential for understanding the interaction of electromagnetic waves and crystalline solids.

In present setup, mono-atomic and diatomic lattices are simulated using the transmission line having ten identical sections of LC resonant circuit.

With the help of the simple and user friendly setup the phase difference between the input and output wave is measured at different frequencies.

Objective: The following experiments may be performed with the help of this setup:

  1. Study of dispersion relation for the mono – atomic lattice comparison with theory
  2. Determination of the cut – off frequency of the mono atomic lattice.
  3. Study of the dispersion relation for the diatomic lattice – acoustical mode and optical ode erg gap, comparison with theory.

Additional Accessory required :

  • Function Generator.
  • Dual Channel Oscilloscope.