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Thermocouple Trainer

A thermocouple is a sensor that measures temperature. It consists of two different types of metals, joined together at one end. When the junction of the two metals is heated or cooled, a voltage is created that can be correlated back to the temperature.

The experimental setup with steel case and integral power supply helps to study the characteristics of the Thermocouple.

The setup consists of the following specifications:

    1. Transducer : Thermocouple ( K type ).
    2. Tube Furnace : Temperature control.
    3. Temperature range : Ambient temperature to 400 degree centigrade.
    4. Thermocouple Amplifier : 1st Amplifier with 100 Gain  and 2nd Amplifier Gain is 2.5.
    5. Output : Measured by Digital Voltmeter : 0 – 20 V, 3 ½ digit Digital Display.
    6. Temperature indicator :  3 ½ digit Digital Display.