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Study of Bio Telemetry System

Biotelemetry or biomedical telemetry is the measurement of biological parameters over distance, and transmitting the data from point of generation to the point of reception

  • Measurement of Physiological parameters through wireless Telemetry system :
    1. Body Temperature.
    2. Electro Cardiograph.
    3. Pulse Rate.
  • Sensors :
    1. Body temperature measurement using semiconductor temperature sensor.
    2. Electro Cardiograph measurement using ECG sensor.
    3. Pulse Rate measurement using Heart Beat Pulse Rate Sensor.
  • Signal conditioner : 3 Nos.
  • Data Acquisition System : Multiplexer with Microcontroller based DAS.
  • Wireless Communication : Wireless LAN (Wifi)
  • Additional Accessories Required : Computer with XP / 7 – 2 Nos.