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Speed Control of DC Series Motor using Step Down Chopper

Many industrial applications require a variable-voltage dc source, therefore, it is necessary to be able to convert a fixed voltage into a variable voltage. This variable dc voltage can be obtained either from an ac supply voltage or from a fixed dc supply voltage. From a fixed dc supply voltage (available either from batteries or from uncontrolled rectifiers) a variable dc output voltage can be obtained either by an ac link chopper or a dc chopper.

  • Record the Input  voltage , Load voltage , load current and  RPM of the Motor by increasing the chopping frequency of the thyristor chopper .
  • Observe the trigger circuit output waveforms on the oscilloscope at Test Points ( TP ) ; viz, TM and TA.

The setup consists of :

  1. 0.5 HP DC series  Motor             
  2. DC fed chopper control circuit
  3. Digital Voltmeter               2 no.
  4. Digital Ammeter               
  5. RPM Meter 
  6. Proximity Sensor
  7. Protection Circuit
  8. MCB, Indicator Lamp, Fuse, Terminals etc.