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Solar Cell Trainer (Advance)

Experiment no.1 – Photo Diode Characteristics of a Solar Cell :

  • Draw V – I characteristics of a p – n junction solar cell used as a Photodiode under dark condition and at a predetermined level of illumination.
  • Find out short circuit current and open circuit voltage that the solar cell can give out at that particular level of illumination.

Experiment no.2 – Characteristics of a Solar Cell :

  • Draw V –I characteristics of a Solar cell at different levels of illumination and hence find out short circuit current , open circuit voltage and internal resistance of the cell at each level of illumination.
  • Compute output power that the Solar Cell provides  at different load currents for each level of illumination .Plot curves for output power vs. load current and hence find out maximum values of power ( P MP) , Current ( I MP) and voltage ( V MP) for varied illuminations.
  • Estimate the values of optimum load for maximum power transfer from the cell at different levels of illumination and compare with the corresponding values of internal resistance.
  • Compute Fill Factor and plot Field vs. levels of illumination.

Experiment No.3 Spectral Response Characteristics.

The trainer contains :

  • Solar cell trainer kit.
  • Digital voltmeter and milliammeter.
  • Solar cell.
  • Optical Bench and accessories.
  • Lamp holder assembly with stand.
  • Set of colour filters.