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Servo Controlled Voltage Regulator

Voltage regulators or stabilizer using relays change output in steps. They maintain the output voltage within certain limits, e.g. 210-240 volts. This range, though usable for many applications, is quite large and this much of voltage variation is not acceptable for some applications, where the line voltage must be maintained within tight limits. Also, in applications like computers, the interruption of power by relays is not acceptable. Servo controlled voltage regulator do not have these drawbacks and are therefore used in applications where uninterrupted highly stable power supply is a requirement. This type of voltage stabilizer uses a Dimmerstat (popularly known as variac) driven by a servo motor for voltage control.

The setup helps to studies :

    1. Principle of operation of Sevo Controlled Voltage Regulator.
    2. Various Test points for observations.
    3. Load Regulation Characteristics .

The setup consists of :

    1. Servo Controlled Voltage Regulator Trainer Kit.
    2. Close Type Variac : 2Amp.
    3. Servo Motor fitted with variac in a Transparent enclosure
    4. Lamp Load.