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Frequency Division Multiplexing [FDM] Telemetry System

Frequency Division Multiplexing ( FDM) is based on the idea that a number of signals can share the bandwidth of a common communication channel. The multiple signals to be transmitted over this channel are each used to modulate a separate carrier. Each carrier is on a different frequency. The modulated carriers are then added together to form a single complex  signal  that is transmitted over the single channel.

The FDM Telemetry system consists of :

  • Thermocouple Trainer :

The single board trainer with steel case and integral power supply helps to study the characteristics of the Thermocouple.

  • The trainer consists of the following specifications :
    1. Transducer :  Thermocouple ( K-type ).
    2. Temperature bath :  Temperature control bath.
    3. Temperature range :  Ambient temperature to 400 degree centigrade.
    4. Output :  Measured by Digital meter.
    5. Temperature indicator :  Digital 3 ½ digit.
  • Semiconductor Temperature Sensor Trainer :

The trainer helps to study Temperature vs. current characteristics of a semiconductor temperature sensor.

  • The trainer contains :
    1. Oven.
    2. Temperature controller.
    3. Temperature indicator.
    4. IC regulated power supply.
    5. Provision for zero and span adjustment.
    6. Digital meter.
    7. Temperature sensor AD590.
  • Frequency Division Multiplexing Trainer :

The single board trainer helps to study Frequency Division Multiplexing for two channels.  The trainer contains IC regulated power supply, two VCO modules and adder circuit.

Input : (i) Signal conditioner output of the Thermocouple

             (ii) Signal conditioner output of the Semiconductor temperature sensor.

  • Frequency Division Demultiplexer Trainer :

The single board trainer helps to study Frequency Division Demultiplexing and signal recovers from two channels Frequency Division Multiplexing trainer. The trainer contains I.C regulated power supply, BPFs and amplifiers.