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Differential Pulse Code Modulation & Demodulation Trainer

In a DPCM transmitter,  the analog  input signal is band limited to one-half the sample rate, then Amplified & compared with the preceding accumulated signal level in the Adder [basically it is subtractor] . The output of the Adder  is the difference  between the two signals. The difference is PCM encoded and transmitted. The ADC operates  the same as in a conventional PCM system, except that it typically uses fewer Bits per sample.

In a DPCM receiver, each sample is converted back to analog , stored, and then summed  with the next sample received . In the receiver , the integration is performed on the analog signals , although it could also be performed digitally.

The trainer contains :

    1. Variable sine Wave Generator.
    2. Variable DC Source.
    3. DPCM Modulator.
    4. DPCM Demodulator.

Additional Accessory Required :

  • Dual Trace Oscilloscope