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Capacitive Transducer Trainer

A capacitive transducer is a passive transducer that works on the principle of variable capacitances. It is used to measure physical quantities such as displacement, pressure, etc. In this Trainer, a variable area capacitor in this range of 50 pF to 500 pF is used to produce oscillations. These oscillations are converted to voltage.

A plot between the output voltage and the angle subtended by the transducer is plotted.

  • The single board trainer helps to study : Angular displacement measurement using capacitive transducer.

The trainer contains :

    1. IC regulated dual channel power supply : ± 12 V @250 mA.
    2. Transducer : Variable capacitor with 0 to 180 Degree graduated scale.
    3. Oscillator Circuit.
    4. Frequency to Voltage Converter.
    5. Digital Voltmeter : 0 – 20 V, 3 ½ digit Digital Display.