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Calibration of Capacitor Trainer Kit

The single board trainer helps to study the calibration process of an unknown small value capacitor. 

The setup consists of :

  1. High frequency Hartley Oscillator [ ~ 4 MHz ] with standard variable capacitor having a large dial. It behaves as a transmitter.
  2. The absorption wavemeter consists of a parallel tuned circuit with the addition of a rectifying diode and a meter used as an indicator of resonance

The variable capacitor of the tuned circuit is adjusted so that a resonant frequencies may be obtained.

The wavemeter absorbs power from a nearby transmitter and shows a maximum reading on the meter when it is tuned to the same frequency.

Angular position of standard capacitors  CS  and its corresponding capacitance value  supplied. Compare between Standard Capacitor and the Testing Capacitor , Testing capacitance value will be known.